Privacy policy


Customers are not needed to register to order The Sultan Night. The only demanded information to request an order is name, address ,phone number, email address, and payment information. Your email address is only be required to send order and shipping confirmations. All information that is needed is the sole ownership of & will not be distributed. It is only used to follow up with customers. Customers acknowledge followed up phone calls can be processes the order. Third-party or company representatives, as well as an automated service.

Place and Order……!

When you place an order, we will request numerous details so that we may process your order quickly and well organised. In addition to your name, address, phone number and Email Address, we will also need your methodology of making payment in other words the payment information such as debit card number or a credit card. if any other important information that we need to transfer to you comes up in case of difficulties in placing an order. When purchasing THe SULTAN NIGHT you agree not to resell SULTAN NIGHT. If there any case of Selling of The SULTAN NIGHT will definitely result in legal action.

Customer Service

The information you provide to The will be used to send you shipping confirmation emails & order confirmations as well. Customer service will be responded to via Telephone or required, whichever is your approved method. We will only contact you in the case that regards to your order request or inquiries.

Special Deals/ Offers to Our Customers.!

We periodically provide special deals or discounts to our dear customers which may be delivered by email or by physical mail. We respecT your privacy. therefore, if you aren’t interested in special deals you may withdraw without any limitations.

Updates for Products & Websites

If there are necessary website updates that you would be interested in, or if we introduce new products, we may send such information via physical mail.

Personal Information

Your personal information is our responsibility & it’s important tous. The best thing is that Personal information provided by you for inquiries will not be sold or shared with third parties. Yes you heard right Guys...!

Personal Information

If your name, address, phone number, email address, or payment information changes, or if you simply do not wish to purchase The SULTAN NIGHT anymore, simply email customer support to make them aware of anything that needs to be corrected, deactivated, or moved.


Customer testimonials posted to this website have been done so with prior consent from our actual customers, and have only been edited to maintain proper spelling & grammatical standards to ensure customer’s readability. They are especially published to provide real feedback to future and current customers.

Privacy Policy Changes

We provision a right to change this privacy policy at date or any time without noticing. But in case that important changes are made that we feel our clients/customers would like to know about So, a notice of change will be uploaded to the website to be known by every one.

Contact Us

If you have any concerns regarding our website, this privacy policy, or any enlargement products that are offered You may please contact us using our severed contact form on this website.

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