There is always a question on this as to is there any way to improve sexual ability and to get an enlarged penis size naturally, many couples face such issues that their sex life is almost finished and have not excitement in their sexual intercourse any more. The reason can be mostly men as the ability to have a longer and satisfied sexual intercourse completely depends on men. Men always have are in continuous performance pressure which can mostly lead to depression of not having a perfect sexual intercourse. 

Men consider a better penis size to have a better and amazing sex life, of course we cannot even deny the fact that it is not necessary. Yes, it is totally necessary for men to have an enlarge penis size for a better sex life. But the question which most people think that whether this is even possible for have an enlarged penis size naturally, we can say yes, it is possible. 

enlarged penis size naturally

And yes, it not only men, we have mentioned in many articles earlier that even females love big dick size and even studies have proved the same. Many creams and lotions are there in the market which claim to have guaranteed results in short span of time i.e. you can get enlarged penis in short period of time which is actually not possible and little out of reality. While the claim persists, it is really not as hard as it sounds.

There are certain other ways apart from these creams and lotion which can be used to enhance the size and to improve sexual life. Certain exercise are recommended such as stretching, Jelqing, opposite stretch etc. 

We are now going to discuss, the process of how to increase the size by means of the exercises stated above. 

Let’s first discuss about the stretching which is actually quite common process of enlargement. You need to grab your penis and stretch it for 20-30 seconds. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds and release. You need to repeat the process and relax. This process helps to get larger penis size. However, be cautious before performing any kind of activity. 

Second, process which is commonly known as something which is done by machine. This is basically called device stretching. A tool which helps expanding the muscles of the penis which in turn increases blood flow and helps in larger penis size. You need to make sure that you apply lubricant before using this device. It acts as suction pump which help pulling muscles of the penis, increase the blood flow which help expanding muscles. Be extra careful while performing any such task as if not taken proper measure you might hurt yourself. 

The next process is simple and involves no exercise in it. This is just to pop some pills and wait for the magic to happen. There are many creams and medicines in the market as stated earlier which have claimed the increased penis size in no time. You just need to takes these medicines and wait for the change to happen. 

However, have you ever thought what could be the effect of these medicines and creams on your health. The pills which basically claim for immediate results are nothing but just hormonal medicines which in turn increases the testosterone levels in body. These are just artificial testosterone to be injected in the body to just create an extra boost. But, do you really know the effect of these. 

The artificial way of inducing these hormones in the form of pills can have very adverse effects on the body of the of men. These can lead to impotence, depression etc. There are various side effects and work differently for different people, however this is always a guarantee of having side effects which in turn can lead various issue. 

Rather than all these if you are unable to do exercise which in turn can also injure you or pills for sure which we would never recommend. Please follow a more natural approach. If you are looking for any kind of medicine that can cure your concern, please follow the path of Ayurveda.

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