Ayurvedic sex tablet for Men that effectively works

You would certainly like to add on to supplements in your life as you start to face issues related to sexual concerns. At one point in time every person feels the change and want to rectify it with the help of supplements as if you visit a doctor related to such concern you will definitely fall in trap of drug-based medicines.

These drug-based medicines claim to provide instant and guaranteed results, however, have you ever thought of the fact that what will happen to your body when you consume or for that matter how does it work?

These drugs when mixed with your blood tends to suddenly boost your testosterone levels giving instant boost to your system. This will make you happy for some time and feel the endurance.

While, on the other hand regular intake of artificial hormones can lead to permanent erectile dysfunction along with various other side effects. These side effects are so dangerous and can make a huge impact on your mental state as well including other diseases. 

Today, market is flooded with such tablets which claims to bring extreme satisfaction to your problem. But these medicines can have adverse effect as stated above. So, now what do we do. If you face any such issue related to your sexual life or any sexual disease, we would always have an advice for you which is complete safe and natural to adopt an ayurvedic approach towards life. 

Ayurveda is an ancient medicine specially created from the lap of mother nature which are the constituents of natural herbs. This herbal penis enlargement medicines are a boon for sexual health as these provide inner strength to the body which heals and cures from within. 

Here are some ayurvedic herbs which are constituents of ayurvedic medicine: 


herbal penis enlargement medicines

The bark of the root got from the Withania Somnifera plant is perceived for its incredible Spanish fly properties. This sattvic spice creates ‘ojas’ and gives solidarity to the penile tissue during sexual action. Its further lifts charisma, builds endurance and forestalls untimely discharge.

The churn acquired from the roots when taken in appropriate measurements lessens mental pressure and exhaustion, advances life span and adequately treats erectile brokenness. 


ayurvedic medicine for men

Alluded to as ‘Sovereign of Herbs’, Shatavari which passes by the logical name Asparagus racemosus is an incredibly valuable spice for improving the sexual capacity of both male and female.

The colour or powder when taken consistently supports blood course and initiates tranquillity in the brain. The rejuvenate impacts of this spice feed the Shukra dhatu and increment sperm creation. 

Safed Musli 

sexual health

This yellowish-white root-like substance got from the Chlorophytum borivilianum is a powerful vajikarana (for example a sexual enhancer spice). It decreases pressure related safe problem that instigates the creation of corticosterone, which thus represses the creation of testosterone.

Ayurveda emphatically suggests the admission of a spoonful of musli consistently to improve sexual hunger and advance sperm tally. 



Gokshura churn promisingly affects improving men’s sexual wellbeing. The churn is constituted with intense spermatogenic properties that hold high hugeness in treating hypospermia (low volume of semen), asthenozoospermia (for example sperm motility), oligospermia (for example low sperm check), and upgrades spermatogenesis (for example sperm creation).

Being a characteristic cell reinforcement, it improves the creation of testosterone and assists with dealing with conditions like erectile brokenness and untimely discharge. 

Tulsi Beej

home remedies 

Tulsi, otherwise called the ‘Heavenly Basil’ has been with us for a long time. Because of its various therapeutic properties, it is incredibly helpful in treating male impotency. The seeds when taken routinely expands blood stream and strength in the penile tissue. It is likewise useful for treating loss of charisma and general weakness and improving by and large endurance.


natural herbs

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